KohaCon13: Introducing Libki 1

ByWater’s very own Kyle Hall, presented on LibKi an open source kiosk management system that includes a time management piece along with a reservations system at KohaCon13. Kyle wrote this program back in 2009 to “avoid interacting with teenagers.‚Äù While working in the public library Kyle looked at various open […]

KohaCon13: OPAC Roundtable

John Crockett from Washoe County Library System moderated the OPAC discussion at KohaCon13 and summarized and reported the topics discussed. There was talk of changing the indexing system from Zebra/Solr to Elasticsearch (http://www.elasticsearch.org/). However that would be a major endeavor yet one worth pursuing. As a step toward this the […]

KohaCon13: Get involved in the Koha Community! 1

Paul Poulain from Biblibre spoke this morning at KohaCon13 about how the Koha community is organized and how it works. First, who makes up the community? Anyone!!! If you do something you are part of the community. The community involves around 20 active developers around the world and up to […]

KohaCon13: Kete Redevelopment Project 1

JD (Joanne Dillon) was up next to talk to us about Kete! Kete is where the Horowhenua Library stores their digital content (Koha is where the physical stuff is cataloged). Like Koha, Kete is open source and anyone can help contribute to it. Kete’s key feature is that it allows […]

KohaCon13: One Library’s Koha Migration Experience 1

Suzanne Fayle, a ByWater partner from Roseman University was up next at KohaCon13. When Roseman when to look for a new ILS they needed: intuitive staff client intuitive catalog for user more bank for buck improved vendor relations They decided that they did want a support vendor because they weren’t […]