KohaCon13: Marlboro College’s Implementation of CUFTS

Amber Hunt (Reference and Technology Librarian) and Eliot Anders (Web Developer) from Marlboro College spoke at KohaCon13 on Friday about CUFTS, an open source journal and electronic resource management system developed at the Simon Fraser University Library in British Columbia. Their presentation slides can be found here. I had the […]

KohaCon13: Koha as a Citation Manager

Fred King from Medstar Washington Hospital discussed how he uses Koha for journal citations at KohaCon13. When his old system was teetering on the brink, he installed Koha and migrated his data. The idea to use Koha as a citation database came about when the library sponsored an Author’s Day, […]

KohaCon13: Toward a Truly Multilingual Koha 1

Former ByWater employee and former Koha Translation ManagerRuth Bavousett presented on improving the state of multiple language support in Koha at KohaCon13 today. Ruth, though mono-lingual, is very passionate about this, having traveled overseas and found it very enlightening. One of Ruth’s focuses were Right-to-left languages, such as Arabic. This […]

KohaCon13: Funding Koha code cleanup

Brendan Gallagher led a discussion about the underlying code in Koha and the work that needs to be done to improve Koha at KohaCon13. Chris Cormack led off the discussion about the difficulty in securing funding for the internal workings of Koha. The major goal is to present these changes […]