KohaCon 11: Solr and Koha 2

Solr is very powerful search and indexing engine, like the current Zebra system Koha currently uses. It’s based on Apache Lucene, and is 100% free and open source. Solr has several advantages over Zebra. There is very little support and a small community behind Zebra, whereas Solr has a very […]

Success story of Koha adoption in Nigeria 1

The case of Adeyemi College of Education Ondo, Ondo State Presenter = Egunjobi Rotimi (PhD) A majority of libraries in Nigeria operate their libraries completely manually. Nigeria is a developing country and there are many challenges and constraints facing library automation. There is erratic power supply and not many professional […]

KohaCon 2011: Presentation of BibLibre’s recent work on Acquisitions and Serials 3

University of St. Etienne and Universities of Lyon 2 and 3 are working together to sponsor some enhancements to Acquisitions and Serials. These universities are geographically close, about 50 km away from each other, so it made sense to coordinate the sponsorship of these new features. Acquisitions: New permissions: For […]