Free Ebook MARC Records from Open Library 2

A few months ago I reminded you all about the free ebook MARC records available from Project Gutenberg. Today I found yet another source for free lendable ebooks records! The Open Library is an awesome project that I am always promoting, today while searching their site I found that we […]

Free Ebooks for your Koha Catalog 1

I know that I posted this last year, but so many new libraries have joined the Koha community recently, that I wanted to share with you all a way to get free ebook records for your catalogs. Did you know that Project Gutenberg has their own MARC exports (and other […]

Libraries as Publishers 4

As reported in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, libraries across Texas are investigating the possibility of following a model similar to the Douglas County Library System in Colorado, where libraries themselves become publishers of ebooks by working directly with independent authors. This would provide Libraries with a much greater degree of […]

“Papertab‚Äù paper tablet is your flexible friend

There’s certainly been a great deal of talk about tablets and e-readers these days, but one of the newest iterations of e-ink technology coming down the pipe is flexible displays: I’m personally really excited to see this kind of tech emerging with respect to flexible displays. I think it’s going […]

Sales of E-book readers down in 2012

As reported by CNET and others this week, sales of e-book readers has been drastically outpaced by the ubiquity of tablets this year. Devices like the new Kindle Fire, Apple’s iPad Mini, and Google’s Nexus 7which allow for a wider array of media consumption, come with a backlight color screen, […]

$13 Txtr Beagle Is World’s Cheapest and Smallest E-Reader

As reported byMashableand others today, German companyTxtris producing an extremely bare-bones E-reader called the Beagle, selling for only $13. The 5-inch, 4.5-oz E Ink device with its 800√ó600 screen will not have wifi, 3G, or a backlight, but interestingly enough will take three AAA batteries, and will transfer media via […]

Free Ebook Records for your Catalog

A couple years ago (on my blog) I brought a private project that shared Project Gutenberg records to your attention. Well, yesterday I thought I would go out and see if they had any more records to share so I could put them in to my Koha ILS demo site […]

Altering MARC Records in MarcEdit before Importing in to Koha 2

Often our partners will get batches of records from their ebook (or other content) vendor and want to bring them in to Koha with item information. This tutorial walks you through using MarcEdit (a freely available tool) to add item record information before importing the files in to Koha. If […]