Koha Tips on Item Alerts and Messages

In Koha there are many ways to alert your staff about certain item types and specific items  during both the checkin and checkout process. Check-In Messages/Alerts per Item Type: To have an item type show a generated “check-in message” or alert, can be set up in the Item Types found […]

Blocking automatic renewals if the OPACFineNoRenewals amount is reached

In this Koha tutorial we will talk about the new enhancement in the 17.05 release that adds the ability to block auto renewals if the OPACFineNoRenewals amount is reached. If your library is using the AutoRenewal feature (in the circulation and fine rules and cronjob) and a patron owes more than the […]

How to check out books using the barcode or a keyword search

Would you like to have the option to check out an item in Koha using either the barcode or a keyword? In this Koha tutorial, learn how the new system preference itemBarcodeFallbackSearch allows you to do just that. As you can see in the screenshot below, when this system preference […]

PayPal Set up in the Business Portal for Koha Integration

This new feature will allow you to accept credit card payments via the OPAC for fines via PayPal. Once you have completed testing your PayPal set up in the Koha Sandbox, you can now proceed to the Production Mode. For additional steps setting up the sandbox mode, please see our post […]

How to Charge a Replacement Fee for Damaged Items in Koha

Currently, if you set an item’s Damaged status in Koha, it won’t charge the patron a replacement fee. With this workaround, we’ll show you how you can mark an item as damaged so that Koha automatically charges the patron the replacement fee for the item. Koha tutorial on How to […]

Circulating interesting items and collections 1

One of the little bits of lore that ByWater uses when talking about item types is that one of our libraries had collection of cake pans that patrons could borrow. In my recent visit to Athens County Public library, I found that they have a “Gadgets” item type that includes, […]