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Making the Last Patron who Checked Out an Item Visible in Koha

An exciting new feature in Koha 16.05 is the ability to make the last patron who checked out an item visible. To turn on this setting, just follow these steps: 1) Go to the Administration module and click on Global System Preferences. 2) Select OPAC from the left navigation. 3) […]

Town Hall Webinar on Circulation and Fine Rules

Please join the ByWater team on Tuesday, November 1st for a Town Hall Webinar on Circulation and Fine Rules. Come find out more about Circulation & Fine Rules as well as the Lost Statuses in Koha with our Educators, Jessie and Ed. They will discuss setting up your circ rules, […]

Koha 3.22 – Custom sound alerts 2

As of 3.22, Koha users have the ability to specify the sound alerts used in the staff interface. First, we need to see that we have enabled alerts in the staff interface. Under Home > Administration > Systempreferences in the Staff client section ensure that AudioAlerts is set to ‘Enable’ […]

Circulation and Patrons in Koha 3.22 1

This recorded webinar will cover new features and enhancements in the 3.22 Koha upgrade for Circulation and Patrons. Some highlights from the video include the ability to pay all fees at once from circulation screen, new additions to the circulation and fine rules and membership expiry reminder notices. To learn […]

OPAC and Public Services in Koha 3.22 2

This recorded webinar will cover new features and enhancements in the 3.22 Koha upgrade for the OPAC and public services. Some highlights from the video include grouping item types together into one search option, using filters to search lists, and viewing serial enumeration in a users account when browsing their […]

Show Library Cost Savings on your Koha Receipt

Want to show your patrons what they saved by using your library? This handy tutorial will walk you through the steps. First you want to log in to your Koha staff client and go to Tools > Notices & Slips. Next, you’ll want to find your ISSUESLIP or ISSUEQSLIP (or […]

Running the Overdue Report in Koha

Koha has an canned overdue report that many libraries don’t use because they’d rather have a custom report, but the canned overdue report in Koha can search a lot of patron and item fields so it’s worth a look. This tutorial video will walk you through searching the overdues using […]

Can’t Print Due Dates on Your Koha Slips? Here’s a Cure! 4

Can’t print due dates on your Koha slips? You’re not alone! Here’s what you can do now to cure this! Several partners have reported that after being upgraded to Koha 3.18.6 their slips are no longer showing due dates. Unfortunately, this is a bug: However, there IS a work-around […]