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Koha 3.22 – Custom sound alerts 2

As of 3.22, Koha users have the ability to specify the sound alerts used in the staff interface. First, we need to see that we have enabled alerts in the staff interface. Under Home > Administration > Systempreferences in the Staff client section ensure that AudioAlerts is set to ‘Enable’ […]

Tools, Reports, and Administration in Koha 3.22

This recorded webinar will cover new features and enhancements in the 3.22 Koha upgrade for tools, reports, administration and system preferences. Koha 3.22 can take advantage of Plack to run faster than ever, here is link to read more. Some of the highlights from this session include custom sound notifications […]

New in Koha 3.22: Advanced Item Type Management

So you have a list of Koha item types all worked out based on your circulation rules. However, you have discovered that there are some item types that are showing to the patrons and you would prefer that they don’t. There are three new enhancements arriving with Koha 3.22 to […]

Automatic updating of the Koha Offline Circulation borrowers file

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your Koha Offline Circulation patron data was always up to date? It can be done! Here I will show you a very simple way to do this! This tutorial assumes you will be running the offline circulation client on a computer running a […]

Budget Rollover in Koha 3.18

This tutorial video will walk you through how to roll over your budgets in Koha 3.18. This feature will let you roll over monies and orders from one year to the next to make it easy to transition from one budget year to the next. To learn all about Koha […]

Koha 3.18 Staff Client Introduction 2

This tutorial video will walk you through the basics of the staff client in Koha 3.18. It introduces you to new features like the item specific search and how you can share anonymous statistics with the Koha community via the new Koha Hea website. To learn all about Koha 3.18 […]

Why Koha needs the OPACBaseURL

I had an odd ticket cross my desk today. Once I had determined the cause of the problem, I was frankly surprised I had not seen this issue before. But still, it’s odd enough, and easy enough to fix, that I thought I would share it. Basically the issue was […]

How to Clear Your Brower’s Cache After Koha Upgrade

Yesterday Melissa told us why it’s important to clear your browser cache after a Koha upgrade. Today Aaron Sakovich, Internet and Technology Services manager at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library is going to show us how to clear our cache in Firefox.

Clearing your brower’s cache after a Koha upgrade

You may have heard us say to clear your browser’s cache after each Koha upgrade or we may have asked you to clear the cache to resolve a Koha error and wondered why? Why do we always tell you to do this? Well your browsers cache copies web data and […]