Acquisitions Systems Preferences for Receiving   Recently updated !

In this Koha tutorial we will talk about two system preferences, AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived and AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceiptIsCancelled. These preference can be set if you are using the Acquisitions Module in Koha. The system preference AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived works in conjunction with receiving items. When receiving items, this preference will update your NotforLoan subfields if they were created when […]

Creating Standing Orders in the Koha Acquisitions Module

In this Koha tutorial we will go over setting up Standing Order baskets in Koha’s Acquisitions module, receiving and invoicing. Setting up the Standing Order Basket When creating a basket, enter the basket name as usual. If you’re ordering standing items (items which arrive regularly) then you will want to […]

Automatically Generate Item Information for Order Files

In this Koha tutorial we will go over the new option to obtain item information from order files . This feature automatically generates items in Koha with populated information based on a 9XX field and subfield, with the addition of a new system preference MarcItemFieldsToOrder. The first thing you will […]

Closing out your Budget in Koha Acquisitions

The end of the fiscal year is coming! Now, how do I close out my budget in Koha? In this Koha tutorial we will walk you through closing the budget, options for moving the unspent funds and unreceived orders, and making your budget inactive. Get there: More > Administration > […]