New in Koha 17.05 – Barcode Export in the Items Search   Recently updated !

  The 17.05 version of Koha includes an exciting new enhancement that lets you export a results set of barcodes directly from an item search in just three simple steps. The video above walks you through this process. Curious about what else is new in Koha 17.05? Check out all […]

Setting Up the Patron Clubs feature in Koha

In this Koha Tutorial we will show you the new feature in Koha for Patron Clubs. This features adds the ability to create clubs which patrons may be enrolled in. It is particularly useful for tracking summer reading programs, book clubs and other such clubs. Ensure your staff user has the […]

Automatically Generate Item Information for Order Files

In this Koha tutorial we will go over the new option to obtain item information from order files . This feature automatically generates items in Koha with populated information based on a 9XX field and subfield, with the addition of a new system preference MarcItemFieldsToOrder. The first thing you will […]

Blocking automatic renewals if the OPACFineNoRenewals amount is reached

In this Koha tutorial we will talk about the new enhancement in the 17.05 release that adds the ability to block auto renewals if the OPACFineNoRenewals amount is reached. If your library is using the AutoRenewal feature (in the circulation and fine rules and cronjob) and a patron owes more than the […]

Check Previous Checkouts – a new system preference with Koha 17.05

In this Koha tutorial we will show you the new system preference with the 17.05 upgrade called Checkprevcheckout.  This system preference can be set to allow and Koha will check patron’s circulation history to see if this item has been checked out in the past to this patron.   Go […]

Date Calculation for Holds Awaiting Pickup

In this koha tutorial we will walk you through the system preference for date calculations for Holds Awaiting Pickup. With the new 17.05 upgrade, there is a new system preference that will  take into consideration the library’s closed days when calculating the expiration date,Date Calculation for Holds Awaiting Pickup. For […]