Koha Tips and Tricks

Non Public Item Notes in Koha

Item level Non-public notes — They’re great for storing all the notes that we need in libraries and not displaying them in the OPAC.   Usually the notes consist of acquisitions information, vendor data, or damage information related to the item.   The non-public note is imported into Koha using the 952$x […]

non public

Self Checkout

Setting up the Self Checkout Feature in Koha

Koha comes with a very basic Self Checkout module. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up the Koha Self Checkout Module. The first thing you will want to enable is the WebBasedSelfCheck preference. Set this to ‘Enable.’ To use this module you have to log in […]

Town Hall Webinar on Macros

Please join the ByWater team on Thursday, November 17th for a Town Hall Webinar on Macros in the Advanced Cataloging Editor. Come find out more about Macros in the Advanced Cataloging Module in Koha with Technical Services Librarian Heather Hernandez from the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Research Center. […]

Browsing for existing call numbers when editing/adding items

I received a question regarding the new call number browser feature added to the item page. The questioner remembered reading or seeing something about it while preparing to upgrade to 3.22. However, after the upgrade the feature was not present and they were wondering what they needed to do. So […]

What’s New in Serials in Koha 3.22

This tutorial video will show you a few new enhancements including adding descriptive text column to receive serials, adding branch limitation to checking expiration dates, and allowing staff to claim serial issues of their own branch in Koha 3.22. To learn all about Koha 3.22 view the other videos in […]

So you want to become a member of the Koha community? 1

Good news, you already are! Do you use Koha? Are you an open-source enthusiast? Are you a developer looking to make the web better? Whatever brought you here, welcome! Your interest in participating already makes you a member of the Koha community. Spanning the globe, translated into many languages, and […]

Koha 3.22 – Custom sound alerts 2

As of 3.22, Koha users have the ability to specify the sound alerts used in the staff interface. First, we need to see that we have enabled alerts in the staff interface. Under Home > Administration > Systempreferences in the Staff client section ensure that AudioAlerts is set to ‘Enable’ […]