Koha Tips and Tricks

Serial Claims and Notices   Recently updated !

Here are a few steps to set up Serial Claims and Notices in Koha is your are using the Serials Module. The first thing you will want to do is set up your notice to send to the vendors. Notice Set-Up Tools Module Go to tools –> Notices & Slips […]

Holds Troubleshooting: The Maxreserves Preference   Recently updated !

One topic that has appeared frequently in our support tickets this week has been an issue with setting the number of holds. For example, a library would like to set a total of 50 holds for a specific patron type, but Koha would only allow them to set up to […]

Setting Up Course Reserves in Koha

Here is a short Koha tutorial video on Setting Up Course Reserves in Koha.   Steps for setting up Course Reserves To enable the Course Reserve Module on Koha, go to the administrative module and under global systems – enter coursereserves.  Here you can set your preference to “Use”. A […]

koha tutorial

Koha Tutorial on Hiding Items from the OPAC   Recently updated !

This koha tutorial will cover the basics of how to hide specific items from being visible in the OPAC.  Your library has the capability to hide specific shelving locations, item types, withdrawn items and collection codes.   There is a system preference called : opachiddenitems  which allows custom rules to […]

Privacy and Circulation History in Koha

In this Koha tutorial, let’s talk about Patron Privacy and how staff and patrons can manage their privacy settings in the OPAC and staff client. Patron Categories Let’s start with the patron categories in Administration. This lets you control the Default privacy for each patron category. This controls how long […]

How to check out books using the barcode or a keyword search

Would you like to have the option to check out an item in Koha using either the barcode or a keyword? In this Koha tutorial, learn how the new system preference itemBarcodeFallbackSearch allows you to do just that. As you can see in the screenshot below, when this system preference […]

Learning the Basics of Reports

Learn more about the basics of SQL, and some of the features of the Koha reports page. As a quick quick refresher, a basic sql query is composed of SELECT, FROM and WHERE clauses, and looks like this: SELECT borrowers.firstname, borrowers.surname, biblio.title, issues.date_due FROM borrowers JOIN issues using (borrowernumber) JOIN […]

Koha Tutorial on How to Incorporate Novelist into Your Staff Client Catalog

In this Koha tutorial, if your library subscribes to Novelist, the 16.11 update of Koha now makes it possible for your staff to access Novelist in staff client catalog. This update includes two new system preferences that allow you to integrate Novelist directly into your staff catalog interface. In the […]