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Koha Tips on Item Alerts and Messages

In Koha there are many ways to alert your staff about certain item types and specific items  during both the checkin and checkout process. Check-In Messages/Alerts per Item Type: To have an item type show a generated “check-in message” or alert, can be set up in the Item Types found […]

Tutorial on Tracking In House Use

In this Koha tutorial we will show you two ways to track your library’s in house use.  This video will talk about each way, using a Statistical Patron and the System Preference: Recordlocaluseonreturn. There are two ways to track in house use.  Create a Statistical Patron in your Patron Categories. Create […]

Learning the Basics of Reports

Learn more about the basics of SQL, and some of the features of the Koha reports page. As a quick quick refresher, a basic sql query is composed of SELECT, FROM and WHERE clauses, and looks like this: SELECT borrowers.firstname, borrowers.surname, biblio.title, issues.date_due FROM borrowers JOIN issues using (borrowernumber) JOIN […]

Relationships between tables in Koha

In an ongoing effort to help our partners write reports in Koha, I’d like to highlight the relationships between database tables in Koha. A review of the basics of SQL Just for review, let’s look at some elementary SQL. Let’s say that we have two tables, person and person_dates. The […]

Koha 16.11 Upgrade Webinar Schedule

Webinars for 16.11 will be starting next week so mark your calendars!  We will be offering a couple of “What’s New” sessions that will be two hours and cover all the new features across all modules, along with module specific one hour sessions.  We are also doing something new this […]

2017 Northern California Koha Summit

2017 Northern CA Koha Summit Event Date: April 5, 2017 Event Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Event Location: Martha Riley Community Library Event Address: 1501 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville CA 95747 Registration: Please fill out the form below The 2017 Northern California Koha Summit will take place at the Martha Riley Community […]

Town Hall Webinar on Macros

Please join the ByWater team on Thursday, November 17th for a Town Hall Webinar on Macros in the Advanced Cataloging Editor. Come find out more about Macros in the Advanced Cataloging Module in Koha with Technical Services Librarian Heather Hernandez from the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Research Center. […]

Town Hall Webinar on Circulation and Fine Rules

Please join the ByWater team on Tuesday, November 1st for a Town Hall Webinar on Circulation and Fine Rules. Come find out more about Circulation & Fine Rules as well as the Lost Statuses in Koha with our Educators, Jessie and Ed. They will discuss setting up your circ rules, […]

Livin’ and Lovin’ KohaUS in Monterey California

KohaUS 2016 in Monterey, CA Know what’s better than a group of like minded people? A group of like minded Koha people! And that’s what you can expect when attending a KohaUS conference. The conference location was awesome and the hosts at Monterey Public Library were fantastic. Monterey Public Library […]

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So you want to become a member of the Koha community? 1

Good news, you already are! Do you use Koha? Are you an open-source enthusiast? Are you a developer looking to make the web better? Whatever brought you here, welcome! Your interest in participating already makes you a member of the Koha community. Spanning the globe, translated into many languages, and […]