Koha 3.20 Upgrade Notes

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  • Cover image from Coce, a remote image URL cache (bug 9580)
  • Add RSS Feeds for Lists (bug 1917)
  • Add RSS feeds for OPAC news (bug 7843)
  • Add tooltips to cart and list in OPAC (bug 11900)
  • Allow ISBD format export (bug 13695)
  • Give news in Opac a unique anchor (bug 13729)
  • OPAC: Display RSS icon on list of recent comments (bug 13826)

Staff Client

  • Add information about cron jobs to system log (bug 13889)
  • New permission to allow staff to remove public lists (bug 13417)
  • Add filters and server-side processing to the shelves list view (bug 13419)
  • Add the creation time for virtual shelves (bug 13421)


  • Add more options to UsageStatsLibraryType (bug 13436)
  • Move AllowOnShelfHolds and OpacItemHolds system preferences to the Circulation Matrix (bug 5786)


  • Add userid as matchpoint for “Import patrons‚Äù tool (bug 12543)
  • Improve exporter to allow multiple branch selections (bug 13040)
  • Add item-level descriptions for Label Printing (bug 10773)
  • Remove methods which are included in the 0.36 release of PDF::Reuse (bug 13407)
  • Batch modifications for records (bug 11395)

Circulation & Patrons

  • DataTables server-side processing , guarantor search (bug 13021)
  • Allow library code to display against users pending changes (bug 13349)
  • Able to view menu for Purchase Suggestions even when user does not have permission(bug 13584)
  • Make all patron searches use DataTables server-side processing (bug 13891)
  • Add biblioitems to available tables in ISSUESLIP and ISSUEQSLIP (bug 13819)
  • Add delivery branch to the place hold display (bug 9528)
  • Add home library column to the holds ratios report (bug 13299)
  • Make serial enumeration visible in user account when browsing own holds (bug 13611)
  • Add datatables to item specific holds table (bug 13887)
  • List pending in-house checkouts (bug 11201)
  • Show hour of due date in history circulation (bug 11239)
  • TransferSlip should accept both itemnumber and barcode (bug 12122)
  • Tell librarians they may continue scanning while checkouts table is loading (bug 13408)
  • Add location to the checkouts tables (bug 13492)
  • Add cardnumber to overdue circulation report overdue.pl (bug 13549)
  • Discharge management (bug 8007)


  • Add a “Z39.50 search‚Äù button to the authority creation and modification forms. (bug 11961)
  • Set only the used fields/subfields (bug 1487)
  • Clear search terms in Z3950 search page (bug 7741)
  • Improvements for framework plugins in cataloguing/item editor (bug 10480)
  • Save and update auth_header.modification_time (bug 11165)
  • Nonpublic notes are now visible (bug13023)
  • Usability enhancement for z39.50 search (bug 13218)
  • Update MARC21 frameworks to Update No. 19 (October 2014) (bug 13322)
  • Add a call number browser to add item page (bug 13364)
  • Add stock number to details and items display (bug 13773)
  • Cataloging search header should include more options (bug 13885)
  • Add ability to merge records directly from cataloging search (bug 13886)
  • Add ability for plugins to convert arbitrary files to MARC from record staging tool (bug12412)


  • Hide receive option if there is nothing to receive (bug 6820)
  • Show suggestion number on suggestion management (bug 9089)
  • Don’t use _ANY_ as branchcode when creating suggestions for ‚ÄòAny library’ (bug 10753)
  • Link patrons to an order (bug 12648)
  • Allow default values from the ACQ framework to be used when creating a record in acquisitions (bug 12743)
  • Search for creator of an order (bug 12944)


  • Add serials module to guided reports (bug 5338)
  • Guess next serial date when there are several issues per unit (bug 12671)


  • Search history: Delete selected lines (bug 11430)
  • Create a link to the last advanced search in search result page (OPAC) (bug 13307)
  • Ability to search on the different isbn variations (bug 13528)


  • Keyword search on reports should search report number (bug 10706)
  • Items lost report improvements (bug 13372)
  • Add a back link to error message in Reports (bug 13994)
  • Use name of a saved report as part of the file name for download (bug 14013)

Devs from Partners

  • Printing a list only prints the results of the page you are viewing – Bug 13986 – sponsored by Arcadia Public Library and MTPL
  • RDA: 245 field changes in XSLT – Bug 13381 – sponsored by Arcadia Public Library
  • Add barcode image generator service – Bug 13545 – sponsored by CKLS
  • Add userid as matchpoint for “Import patrons” tool – Bug 1254 – sponsored by Perimeter
  • Patron card creator patron search browse by last name broken by extended attributes – Bug 13189 – sponsored by Stanwood

New System Preferences