Koha 3.16 Upgrade Training Notes

Below are the notes to accompany ByWater’s Koha upgrade training.

Important Links


  • Hold requests can now be individually suspended or resumed from the public catalog
  • The history of authority (browse) searches is now retained by the public catalog, similar to existing functionality for bibliographic searches
  • There is a new system preference, OpacSuggestionManagedBy, to control whether a patron can see the name of the staff member who managed a purchase suggestion
  • There is a new system preference, NoLoginInstructions, to allow customizing the message that gets displayed on the public catalog login form
  • There is a new system preference, AdvancedSearchLanguages, to control the languages that are included on the language filter list on the advanced search page
  • The RIS and BibTeX record exports now recognize the RDA 264 field as a source of publisher information
  • The new system preference OpacMaxItemsToDisplay now controls the number of item records that are displayed by default on the record details page
  • The tabs on the “your summary” page now display the number of loans, the number of hold requests, and the patron’s fine balance
  • There is a new preference, OPACMySummaryNote, that can be used to display a message on the patron summary page in the public catalog
  • Automatic receipt printing in the web-based self-check interface can now be disabled by adjusting the new system preference SelfCheckReceiptPrompt
  • Two new system preferences, OpacSuppressionMessage and OpacSuppressionRedirect, can now be used to control what should be displayed if a patron tries to view a suppressed record.


  • It is now possible for a patron to invite another to share a private list. When an invitation is made, it is sent out via email, and the recipient has the option to confirm the invitation. (OpacAllowSharingPrivateLists)


  • Added a new index for original language of document
  • Added word and phrase versions of the MARC21 Lexile index and indexes for the 653, 655, and 041 fields.
  • Users of the staff and public catalog search interfaces can now remove active facets when refining search results
  • Added ability to control which library fields are used for facets, as set by the new DisplayLibraryFacets system preference.

Staff Client:

  • The staff interface now retains and displays bib and authority search history, allowing staff members to easily re-run searches. This is enabled by the new preference EnableSearchHistory.
  • The page that is displayed when a staff user does not have permission to perform a given operation now includes a link to go back to the previous page
  • Local cover images are now displayed in staff client search results

Course Reserves:

  • Can now remove instructors on course reserve
  • Add course reserves to staff client home page


  • The check-in page now displays a warning if the patron is restricted
  • The check-in page can now allow the operator to specify an arbitrary return date. This is enabled using the new system preference SpecifyReturnDate
  • The checkout page can now alert the operator if the patron already has a different item on the same bib on loan. This feature is enabled using the AllowMultipleIssuesOnABiblio system preference.
  • There are two new circulation permissions related to patrons who have restrictions. The force_checkout permission controls whether an operator is allowed to check out an item to a restriction patron, while the manage_restrictions permission controls whether the operator is able to add or remove restrictions.
  • The CircAutoPrintQuickSlip preference now has a new option to print a regular slip.
  • The library overdues report now includes columns for the patron barcode and phone number
  • The number of renewals left is now displayed on the checkout and patron details pages


  • Allow librarians to make purchase suggestions for patrons
  • By turning on the new system preference, BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions, expired patrons not blocked from performing actions in the public catalog such as renewing loans
  • There is a new staff permission, updatecharges/writeoff, for controlling whether a staff member is allowed to forgive overdue fines
  • The primary email address is now displayed on patron search results
  • Sort 1 and Sort 2 are now searchable patron fields
  • There is a new system preference, CardnumberLength, that can be set to require a minimum and maximum length for patron card numbers
  • The patron list add page was restructured for improved usability
  • The patron print summary and print receipt templates now include more information, including registration date, expiration date, library, patron category, and fines and payments information
  • The fines tab now defaults to pay fines rather than the patron account summary


  • It is now possible to use different templates for notices depending on the message transport. For example, if the library sends out overdue notices via email and SMS, it is now possible to use different templates. This feature is referred to as “multi transport types”.
    • With the implementation of multi transport types, the legacy HOLD_PRINT notice is now merged as the print template of the HOLD notice
    • With the implementation of multi transport types, the legacy *_PHONE notices are now merged as per-transport templates of the HOLD, PREDUE, and OVERDUE notices
    • If Print notice template for overdues is blank then no print will be generated
  • Overdue notice status triggers offers the option of transport type.
    • If you choose Print then only Print will be generated – if you choose Email it will work as it did in the past (emailing to those with email and printing for those without email)
  • The fields for setting templates for SMS and phone messages are disabled if those transports are not in use (as determined by the SMSSendDriver and TalkingTechItivaPhoneNotification preferences)
  • Added table sorting to the list of patron card batches
  • By turning on the new AggressiveMatchOnISBN, the staged MARC record importer can now include variations when looking for matching records by ISBNs. Note that at present, AggressiveMatchOnISBN searches on ISBN variations only when the UseQueryParser preference is turned off.
  • List of staged marc records now in new table
  • Added ability to filter by reviewer name on tag review page
  • Added support for per-library news
  • The max number of items to process in a deletion or modification batch is now controlled by the new preference MaxItemsForBatch
  • The transaction log now displays the name of the staff member involved, if applicable


  • The MARC editor now has a widget to control the display of the MARC tags
  • The item record now has date fields to track when an item is mark lost or is withdrawn
  • The record details page now has direct links to edit items
  • The MARC21 catalog editor plugin for the 008 field now recognizes the bib record’s current material type and displays the appropriate template, rather than always default to the BKS template.
  • The item edit form no longer submits upon enter, meaning that scanning in an item barcode doesn’t result in prematurely submitting the form.
  • The tab order in the item edit form now permits tabbing to the save button.


  • New tab in the staff client that shows acquisitions details (AcquisitionDetails)
  • Basket group information is now displayed on the acquisitions tab in the staff bib details page
  • It is now possible to place orders from the holds ratio report
  • Order from staged file improvements: one can now place multiple orders on records from a staged file in one fell swoop, selecting which titles one wants to order. In addition, order fields can be populated from the MARC records based on a mapping set up via the MarcFieldsToOrder system preference.
  • Add filter to invoice page to only display invoices related to subscriptions
  • It is now possible to view a basket group without reopening it
  • The ordered and spent pages now display the item type description rather than the code
  • The form for adding a new order from a staged file now longer displays inactive funds by default
  • Now displays whether prices include tax or do not include tax when creating a new order
  • It is now possible to search on the original order line number after transferring an order
  • The funds management page now uses a tree for displaying parent and child funds, make their relationships more clear.
  • The fund action links on the funds management page are now consolidate on a menu
  • Accepting a suggestion no longer hides ‘pending’ tab
  • Tax is now calculated correctly on the invoice page
  • Fixes to nested funds
  • Must close basket to be able to receive order


  • There are now more “missing” statuses to choose run when receiving serials, including “never received”, “sold out”, “damaged”, and “lost”
  • The serials search form can now filter on location, call number, and expiration date
  • The serials claims list now includes a column for ISSN


  • Report output can now be downloaded as Open Document spreadsheets.


  • The list of road types was moved from a database table to a new authorized value, ROADTYPE
  • Circulation policies can now be set to control how long a patron must wait before being allowed to renew a loan.
  • Koha item types have a new column for setting the SIP2 media type, which can be used by SIP2 devices to controlled a demagnetizer for security strips.

New sysprefs in 3.16.0

  • AcquisitionDetails
  • AdvancedSearchLanguages
  • AggressiveMatchOnISBN
  • AllowMultipleIssuesOnABiblio
  • BlockExpiredPatronOpacActions
  • DisplayLibraryFacets
  • EnableSearchHistory
  • MarcFieldsToOrder
  • MaxItemsForBatch
  • NoLoginInstructions
  • OpacMaxItemsToDisplay
  • OPACMySummaryNote
  • OpacSuggestionManagedBy
  • OpacSuppressionMessage
  • OpacSuppressionRedirect
  • SelfCheckReceiptPrompt
  • SpecifyReturnDate