Acquisitions Systems Preferences for Receiving   Recently updated !

In this Koha tutorial we will talk about two system preferences, AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived and AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceiptIsCancelled. These preference can be set if you are using the Acquisitions Module in Koha. The system preference AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived works in conjunction with receiving items. When receiving items, this preference will update your NotforLoan subfields if they were created when […]

Video Tutorial on Using the News Feature in Koha

In this Koha tutorial we will show you a short video on using the News feature in Koha.  There are three ways that the News Feature (found in the Tools module) can be used. The library can communicate information to the staff through the News feature.  The news will appear […]

Inventory – Part 2

In this Koha tutorial Kelly and Jessie will walk you through using the inventory tool to run a inventory breakdown of a library, shelving location or  itemcallnumber. We will discuss filtering statuses and exporting results. This is part 2 of the inventory series. You can learn more about the inventory […]

ByWater Solutions at Ontario Library Association (OLA) Super Conference 2018

ByWater Solutions team will be exhibiting at Ontario Library Association (OLA) Library Super Conference 2018  from January 31 – February 3. We will be at booth 325.  We will be available for demoing and answering questions about the Koha open source integrated library system. Come see what’s new and explore Koha! […]

Setting Up Automatic Renewals in Koha 2   Recently updated !

In this Koha tutorial we will cover setting up Automatic Renewals including system preferences, circulation rules, cronjobs  and notices. If you want to enable automatic renewals, you will first need to turn on your circulation and fine rules, verify your system preferences, set up your notice and notify ByWater to […]

Townhall on 17.05 Upgrade Webinar

        HOSTS: Bywater Educators – Jessica Zairo and Kelly McElligott AGENDA Resources available for Koha Updates Known Bugs in 17.05 Report Help for MarcXML Reviewing Q&A from Webinars IRC? How to contact us Recent Blog Posts and Videos- any suggestions for new ones How to get Involved?! […]

Koha tutorial on the Inventory tool – Part 1 Barcode File

In this Koha tutorial Kelly and Jessie will walk you through uploading a file of barcodes in the inventory tool. This is part 1 of a 2 part series on using the inventory tool. Koha’s Inventory Tool can be used in one of two ways, by generating a shelf list that […]

Creating a Report for your Library using the Koha Report Wiki

Creating a Report for your Library using the Koha Report Wiki In this video Koha tutorial you will learn how to use the Koha Report Wiki (the home of over 700 reports to be used in Koha) by copying a report and adding that report to your Koha system.  Here […]

Video Tutorial on Editing Frameworks in Koha

This Koha tutorial will show the basics of editing and deleting fields in a specific MARC Framework within Koha to better suit your library’s needs when cataloging. Changing your library’s frameworks to fit the cataloging needs is simple!  This video shows how to remove a MARC field from a framework […]