Jessie and Kelly show how to use the Track Click system preference   Recently updated !

Jessie and Kelly return for another short Koha tutorial video to show how to enable the Track Click system preference and also how to capture the data created from the TrackClick system preference.

The System Preference is called TrackClicks . Your library can track, don’t track or track anonymously in this system preference. This system preference will allow you to track which links located in the 856u field of your records were accessed.

Here is the SQL for the Reports we demonstrated during the video.

Tracking Number of Clicks :
SELECT count(*) FROM linktracker WHERE timeclicked > DATE_SUB(now(), INTERVAL 1 MONTH)

List of Links that were clicked in last month:
SELECT count(url) AS ‘times’, url, biblio.title, CONCAT(surname,”, “,firstname,”: “,cardnumber) AS patron
FROM linktracker
JOIN biblio USING (biblionumber)
JOIN borrowers USING (borrowernumber)
WHERE timeclicked > DATE_SUB(now(), INTERVAL 1 MONTH) GROUP BY url

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