What’s New in 16.11 Koha Upgrade Webinar 4

This recorded webinar will cover an overview of new features and enhancements in the 16.11 Koha Open Source ILS upgrade. Some of the new features include:

  • the ability to place multiple item holds on a given record per patron
  • the ability to place article requests
  • add a new Patron through the quick add form
  • Edifact QUOTE and ORDER functionality in he Acquisitions Module
  • Automatic item modification by age
  • the ability to set the maximum fine for an item to its replacement price
  • availability to send SMS via email as an alternative to SMS services via SMS
  • the ability to pay fees and fines from the OPAC via PayPal

Koha Open Source 16.11 Important Links Koha Open Source

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4 thoughts on “What’s New in 16.11 Koha Upgrade Webinar

  • Jeanne Heicher

    Does the forgot password feature send the link to the email address that the patron types in, or to the email address on file for the patron? I am concerned about anyone being able to receive a change password link from Koha without proof that they are that person. How does the feature keep anyone from changing another person’s password?

    • Jessie Zairo Post author

      Once clicked they will be presented with a form asking for their username and their email address (patrons must have an email address on file to reset their password). The password they enter must match the email address on their account.