Daily Archives: August 6, 2015

KohaNA 2015 – Koha LDAP Implementation and Patron Imports 3

Steve Weber, System Administrator at Mercyhurst University and Rebecca Crago, Systems and teaching Librarian at Mercyhurst University, presented on their experience using Kohawith LDAP. Steve explained that LDAP is a protocol that allows one system to look up user data in directory. This facilitates single sign-on and other ways to […]

KohaNA 2015 – Koha Transport Cost Matrix

Christopher Brannon, IT Coordinator for Coeur D’Alene Public Library and CIN ( the Cooperative Information Network ) presented information about Koha‘s transport cost matrix and how it has made fulfilling holds through CIN much more efficient. First, Chris showed off the transport cost matrix editor, where each combination of library […]

KohaNA 2015 – Ed Veal on Community 1

Ed Veal, Lead Educator of ByWater Solutions opened up the start of day 2 of the KohaNA conference with a discussion about community. He stressed how the Koha community makes such a huge difference between proprietary and Open Source software. Koha, as a community driven platform, has no company directing […]