TxLA Summary

Hello everyone! I attended the Texas Library Association annual conference in Austin, TX and had a BLAST! This was my first library conference, and I learned a lot. When I’ve worked in libraries, I’ve been either in a lab mending collections or with the archives; after graduation, I jumped right into the wonderful world of data. For me, it’s been important to step out and familiarize myself with the present-day concerns of libraries and listen to the dialogue.

I had the great opportunity to attend sessions where the discussions centered on e-books and e-resources; in which I heard a variety of perspectives from catalogers, library directors, vendors and librarians. So far this seems to be a topic of great interest for libraries, and rightly so. The conversations ranged from negotiation with vendors to staff, patron, and stakeholder buy-in. The most interesting comment I heard was from a school librarian who’s experiencing teacher confusion about the validity of e-books vs internet resources.

From the data end, this insight is useful for understanding where our work stands in the grand scheme of things. We receive many tickets for removal of e-books or management of e-book records, but there’s so much more going on in the background before those tickets even arrive to us. I left the sessions wondering if any part of the negotiations with vendors or the selection of services include questions about the format in which the e-resources records will be received and their ease of maintenance. There’s so much more to learn and experience, and I’m looking forward to it!

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