Koha Quote of the Day – Corboba Style

We had the pleasure of listening to three presentations from students in the Library Science School at the University. Seeing students use Koha and explain projects they worked on is very interesting. I like to see the next batch of librarian excited about Koha and what it can do.

These students presented a project on the Quote of the Day. They compiled a list of quotes from Cordoban authors to use in this module. The main goal of this project was to encourage reading and to allow patrons to discover local authors they may not have seen before. Since the literature from Cordoba (and across all Argentina) is varied, they selected a cross-section of authors – some famous, some not so much and ‘classical’ authors and newer authors. The only qualification is that they were ‘nurtured’ by the city of Cordoba.

They worked together to amass a collection of books/authors and chose the quotes as a group. They created a file of the quotes and used that file in the Quote of the Day feature. They even went one step further and made this file available to the whole Koha community at http://www.puntobiblio.com

It was also mentioned that including links in the quotes will allow those users to discover more information about the authors (links to biography) and about the places the author lived/visited (links to maps).


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