Biblioteca Mayor at KohaCon14

20141006_155132 20141006_160310 (576x1024) 20141006_162054 (576x1024) 20141006_162142 (576x1024)During one of the KohaCon breakout sessions, we were given a tour of the Biblioteca Mayor at the Manzana Jesuitica. They have an amazing collection of books that had been collected by the Jesuits. The books had been taken from the library and taken to the National Library in Buenos Aires. The books have only recently been returned to the Biblioteca Mayor in 2000 and the site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We were shown the original Civil Code of Argentina, books that were some of the first books every printed and often there were only a handful (2-3) copies left in the world. A large book about geography used as a learning tool for children was particularly fascinating as many of us tried to find our ‘hometowns’ on the maps. However, Chris Cormack and myself were out of luck, our countries hadn’t really been found/mapped at that the time the book was written.

These are closed stacks and it was a huge privilege to be able to get so close to such an amazing collection! And lest I forget…..these items are cataloged using Koha!!!!

Visit the Special Collection.

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