KohaCon14 Underway 1

20141006_140313 (576x1024)KohaCon 2014 began on Monday, October 1st in Cordoba, Argentina. The conference started off with a keynote speech by Tomas Cohen Arazi. He welcomed the various types of libraries that make up the community: large, small, private, public and business. Koha is truly a large project that is able to serve many different kinds of libraries

Innovation in Koha is not guaranteed. To do this we need people with medium and long term visions, clear objectives and a strong commitment to the path.
The international nature of Koha makes it hard to have face to face chats and we are glad to have the opportunity to get together once a year and discuss the future of Koha.

Because the conference is held in Argentina, many of the presentations are given in Spanish and a translator is available to translate to English. My Spanish is put to the test and my apologies to Tomas if I have not entirely translated his speech correctly!

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