KohaCon13: Marlboro College’s Implementation of CUFTS

Amber Hunt (Reference and Technology Librarian) and Eliot Anders (Web Developer) from Marlboro College spoke at KohaCon13 on Friday about CUFTS, an open source journal and electronic resource management system developed at the Simon Fraser University Library in British Columbia. Their presentation slides can be found here.

I had the opportunity to speak with Amber later in the day and ask a few questions.

Noe: When did you pick Koha and why?
Hunt: In June of 2010. Unicorn was just awful. Previous staff had already been looking at open source for the ILS and the college was already using other open source applications.

Noe: How did you find out about CUFTS?
Hunt: After implementing Koha, we started looking into Serials Solutions link resolver, and it was about twice what the A-Z list cost. We found CUFTS searching online, and Elliot tried it out.

Noe: When did you impliment?
Hunt: Elliot got it in working order in September of 2010. We switched over by the end of the Fall.

Noe: Did it hurt?
Hunt: No, but it may have hurt Elliot a bit more.

Noe: In what order was the data populated in CUFTS?
Hunt: We imported the global knowledge base and turned on our subscriptions. After that we imported our print subscription data.

Noe: Where does CUFTS fall short? What is it missing?
Hunt: It can be overly complicated. There is not enough documentation. Installation can be difficult. More libraries should be using and testing CUFTS. There is not yet enough of a community beyond those that are hosting with Simon Fraser University.

We all have much to learn from Marlboro’s experience, and I am looking forward to hearing of more libraries moving to open source electronic resource management systems.

[Originally posted by David Noe]

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