Sales of E-book readers down in 2012

As reported by CNET and others this week, sales of e-book readers has been drastically outpaced by the ubiquity of tablets this year. Devices like the new Kindle Fire, Apple’s iPad Mini, and Google’s Nexus 7which allow for a wider array of media consumption, come with a backlight color screen, and yes, also read books.What makes this particularly interesting, is to note that while ebook readers are still cheaper than their tablet cousins, they are still being rapidly replaced despite the price point difference.

I really enjoyed owning an e-book reader, despite the fact that it only read books. There are distinct advantages to these devices – e-ink uses much less power than a back-lit LCD, reads much better in bright sunlight (meaning you can read outside) and does not put the strain on the eyes. For me personally, I was able to read for a much longer time with my e-book reader than I could on a tablet.Still, I hope that the current sales trend doesn’t kill these devices for good, but only pushes the e-book market to a level of price and ubiquity that can compete with print media.

[Originally posted by Thatcher Rea]

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