KohaCon12: My Presentations 7

For those who were unable to attend KohaCon (or those who were there and want to see them again) here are the slides from my two presentations at KohaCon this week.


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7 thoughts on “KohaCon12: My Presentations

      • akin

        Thank you, I am so very grateful. I am busy now i still have one other thing i wish to discuss, i will do that tomorrow, I have discussed it with Mr. Adara from Nigeria once.

        Once again I am very grateful.

      • akin

        Hello Nicole, this is it

        I noticed something in Koha that when a patron check out an item and fails to return the item on due date. The Item will accumulate some fines (which is normal according to fine rules) and later the account of the patron now expired. The next time the patron check his/her account. Koha will alert that the account had expired but will allow the patron to renew the borrowed item(s) in his/her. Now the problem is that it will now double charge the patron on renewal of the item. The charges before renewal and will recalculate the charges the second time.

        I think if a patron is not allowed to renew items in his/her account when such patrons account expire will solve the issue. Pls kindly troubleshoot this scenario.