Using the Cart in Koha 3.6 13

This tutorial video is another for your patrons. This video will walk them through using the cart in the Koha 3.6 OPAC.

As always, if you have an idea for a video, please just let me know and I’ll add it to my list of things to record.

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13 thoughts on “Using the Cart in Koha 3.6

    • Nicole C. Engard

      That cart is not for ordering items in Koha, but for storing a list of items temporarily. You might be talking about Acquisitions which tracks orders, but even then Koha doesn’t do the ordering for you.

  • Jennifer

    Verda…you go into your cart and check the items you want to check out and then place them on hold. Very confusing, I know. I am a patron and didn’t actually know I checked out books until they arrived at my home. The old system for checking out books online was more strait forward. Hope this helps;)

    • Nicole C. Engard


      That’s not how it works in every library thought. Not all libraries ship holds to patrons. So in Verda’s case it might just be a place to see a list of items and place holds on them or print them out. Either way, the cart isn’t like a shopping cart, it’s just a list of items you want to do something with.


    • Nicole C. Engard

      Carts are temporary. They go away when you log out or close the browser. Only lists are permanent and should be used if you plan on working on the list of titles over a long period of time.

    • Jeff Kocol

      To order on-line, type an author, title or subject in the catalog search on the NCRL home page and click “Find”. Once you’ve identified a title you’d like to order, click on “Place Hold”, log in with your library card number and PIN, and then select Mail Order Library as your pick-up location. Clicking “Place Hold” on the Confirmation page completes the process and reveals your position on the waiting list. You can also use the check boxes on your results list to select titles you’d like to order and then use the “Place Hold” link at the top of the page to order all the selected titles at once.

      • Nicole C. Engard

        Thank you for this. This is how one library does things, but remember that all libraries have a bunch of options on how they might like things to work – so ask your local librarian to be sure.

    • Nicole C. Engard

      This sounds like a question for your librarians. I would ask them how to go about doing that. I know it’s possible, but I don’t know anything about the way your library handled ebooks.