Placing a Hold in Koha 3.6 9

Another in our series for patrons, this tutorial will show you how to place a hold in the OPAC.

As always, if you have an idea for a video, please just let me know and I’ll add it to my list of things to record.

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9 thoughts on “Placing a Hold in Koha 3.6

    • Nicole C. Engard


      You will need to ask at your local library. We are just the company that provides your library with support for their library system.


  • Jane Clark

    I have an item on hold, and under status it says “pending”. What does pending mean? It has said this for several weeks now.

    • Nicole C. Engard

      This sounds like a question for the library staff at your local library. Pending means that the hold is not ready yet for you – but we just provide training and support for the library system and don’t know what your library’s local policies are.

  • mike

    ok, now how do i get back to ncrl from this page?

    i don’t see any links back.

    am i looking at silly web page design or am i missing the obvious?

    • Nicole C. Engard

      I’m thinking maybe you got here from a link on the NCRL catalog, we don’t link back to your library from this page because this page can be accessed by people in any library around the world. So, the way to get back is to use the ‘Back’ button or visit your bookmark for the library website.

      Sorry for the inconvenience,

    • Nicole C. Engard Post author

      I think maybe this comment is for your local library. Be sure to contact them directly, we are just a company that provides support for the software your library uses.

  • Ann Lancaster

    I just discovered this service and am absolutely excited about it. I will also let my local library know. I haven’t used the library for a number of years because I’ve been using our church library. This is delightful. Thank you!