Managing Lists in the OPAC in Koha 3.4 9

The other day I was trying to delete items from my list in the OPAC in Koha 3.4 and I couldn’t figure out how to do it, after a bit of scrolling I found the delete button at the bottom of the page and thought, bot a tutorial video on this might be helpful … so here it is!

As always, if you have an idea for a video, please just let me know and I’ll add it to my list of things to record.

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9 thoughts on “Managing Lists in the OPAC in Koha 3.4

  • Rakesh

    Ok I got answer my another site .if I make a tutorial about how to convert xls to mrk,is it possible to add it on bywater solutions site.

    and I have another question ,On my institution staff client is called by I wish to change it my name , how it possible .. Thanks

  • Nicole C. Engard


    The site where you found the XLS tutorial is where I found the XLS tutorial I put in the manual.

    If you want to write a tutorial you can put it on the Koha Wiki or submit it to the manual.

    Also you should be asking these questions on the Koha mailing list where you will have the full community behind you to answer questions.

  • Nicole C. Engard


    Of course! Once you’ve created the list you can add items to it by clicking the ‘add to list’ option or by selecting a bunch of titles on the search results and choosing the ‘add to list’ option.

    More on doing this in the staff client can be found here: and more on doing it in the OPAC is


  • Erin

    I have a super simple question but seeing as I am not a computer person and I am setting up a school library in our inner city school by myself I can’t figure this out! I need to find out where the login webpage for our school is. I can only access our little library via the computer I installed everything on and I want to have students and teachers be able to access our site via any laptop or chromebook. Where might I find out our web login? I have watched almost all of your videos and you have been extremely helpful to me so I’m hoping you can help me figure this piece out as well.

    • Nicole C. Engard Post author

      Unfortunately you need to ask your system administrator this. Every library can define their own URL for logging in to the staff client so I’m not sure what yours would be.