Creating Spine Label Layouts in Koha 4

The label creator in Koha 3.2 has been completely rewritten and improved. This tutorial will walk you through creating a spine label layout in Koha.

As always, if you have an idea for a video, please just let me know and I’ll add it to my list of things to record.

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4 thoughts on “Creating Spine Label Layouts in Koha

  • Mina Benavides

    Hello. My name is Mina and I catalog for Howard College/Anthony Hunt Library. I have created my layouts BC/& spine. I have on little problem w/spine label layouts…I set as itemcallnumber, please notice the two spine labels below: Second line should read D159e, all in one line…it’s splitting the “e” to third line. How can I make adjustment/corrections to my layouts? It is Not a margin problem. Just don’t understand why it’s splitting the “e” NO space after it, either and #2 space after 2010.

    Thank you for your help. Mina
    sample printed #1.
    D159 (wrong)

    sample printed #2
    P759 (correct)

  • Nicole C. Engard


    Based on your URL I don’t think you’re on Koha, you’re on a fork of Koha. The label maker was completely re-written for Koha 3.2. What version are you running?

    I have sent your comment to the developer who wrote the label maker in hopes that he can help you some more, but like I said if you’re on a version other than Koha 3.2 we might not have an answer for you.

  • Chris Nighswonger


    759.6 D159e splits correctly based on the current LCCN splitting algorithm in the current HEAD at

    I’m sorry I cannot comment/test/fix any code other than this.